Time’s a Clippin’

Written in response to today’s One Word Inspiration, Carousel“>Carousel.

Have you noticed how fast it goes? Or, are you too young to think about it? Time. The tick and the tock, rocking us all forward into the great unknown of tomorrow. I have been blessed to age to the point that sometimes the things I thought about a little while ago were actually considered days ago… it just feels like a little while ago.

When I was young Christmas was agonizingly slow in its arrival each year; in fact, each year felt like a lifetime. Now, each Christmas comes so fast that I can recall the previous Christmas as though it occurred a few days prior. Come on now, that’s just too fast!

As I write this, my best four-legged friend, Maggie, is sound asleep in her bed beside me here in my tiny home office after our walk. It has been said that K-9 time passes about seven times faster than ours. That got me thinking, when she waits for me to go on that walk around the neighborhood she has a right to be anxious, after all, waiting a day to me is like waiting a week to my Schnauzer buddy. Around and around we go.

She and my age have taught me not to wait. Appreciate every moment. Even though it seems like the Carousel is only going around and around, it is speeding faster and faster, from my perspective and from Maggie’s perspective. I have learned not to put things off and not to take them for granted. Today I am grateful for every moment, especially as I listen to Maggie’s rhythmic breathing in sleep. Around and around we go on the Carousel of time.

2013-07-29 20.29.17


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